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  • on photo – an introduction

    on photo – an introduction

    My name is Stewart, I’m an amateur photographer, from the northwest of England. I photograph wildlife and landscapes, or anything else that’s interesting. I’ve been interested in photography since the 90’s, starting with film, then early point and shoot digital cameras, bridge cameras, digital SLR, micro four thirds, and now full frame mirrorless. This post…

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  • Wild camping in the snow

    Wild camping in the snow

    I’ve always wanted to camp up in the hills in deep snow. For the last few years I’ve been watching the mountain weather forecasts, hoping for cold weather, and getting into the hills whenever it looks like it might snow.  For my latest trip to Snowdonia the forecast was a bit uncertain, as it always…

  • Fishing on Mondays

    Fishing on Mondays

    Hello everyone, this is some text to drop into a post typed into the wordpress standard editor, rather than editing with Elementor. I’m not sure if it will work or not. Featured image set in the sidebar.